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Preparation for delf

You want to enter a university in France or simply get more opportunity to find a job, the course “preparation delf” will give you the tools to prepare you in the best conditions for the day of the exam.

Composition of the course

This course requires a certain preliminary level, indeed this course aims to give you the right methods in 4 lessons composed in four modules. (a course of 2 hours per week the equivalent of 8 hours per month)

  • Module 1: Preparation for the Written Production Exam.
  • Module 2: preparation for the oral production exam.
  • Module 3: Preparation for the written comprehension exam.
  • Module 4: Preparation for the listening comprehension exam.


This course is limited to 6 students.

Duration: 8 hours per month

Price: 200 euros.

  • A1: Monday 16h-18h
  • A2: Tuesday 16h-18h
  • B1: Wednesday 16h-18h
  • B2: Thursday 16h-18h
    The schedule can be modified according to the group

Follow this one-month course to get closer to your goal.

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